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If I was the Moff, I'd retroactively add the Silence into the background of several scenes within Season 5 on the DVD release. Very subtly. You wouldn't even notice them if you weren't looking for them, and maybe you did notice on first viewing and you forgot... And maybe I'd put them in different scenes in the different region-coded sets, so the Aussies would spot them in different scenes to the Americans or the Brits. And then, as the most obsessive among us start to crow about how they'd been in the original version all along, those fans that never bought the DVDs but merely watched the show live or downloaded it would be so very, very confused. And even more scared than before.
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So, I've been busy. We got to that horrible point in the semester where I end up with two assignments and a test to mark within two weeks, and it's always nasty. So between the maths department and the conferences I'm organising I've not done much since we last spoke.
That said, I did get to do a little last Saturday. )

A better photo will follow in the next day or so as I finish catching up and my brain re-engages enough that I can make with the image-editing-fu.
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I told you guys I meant to make this a weekly thing, and I meant it. So here's this week's update:

I messed up in a few places with the editing, forgive me? )

Current stitch count: 48.8%


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