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Spent much of today seeing dentists and x-ray peoples and all the rest. Haven't got the specialist's opinion yet, but it's very likely that I'm to have my wisdom teeth out as soon as I can get an appointment. Because they're so nestled, I'll need to get a general anaesthetic, which terrifies me to pieces. The only good thing is it can all be done in my Mum's building, so she'll be able to look after me when it's over. Naturally I'll try and see if I can keep them as a souvenir.

This will bring my total of professionally removed teeth to 20.
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Chibi-Sailor Coruscant has a cold! *sobs*...

I have a cold and it's making me miserable. I walked home (via the chemist for some paracetamol and cough lollies) feeling that I would never be warm again (and very sorry for myself) and as I walk in the door Jane hands me a package:

cut for photo )

and now I miss my mummy very much.

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Livejournal/dreamwidth note: Yes, I'm doing the crazy cross-posting thing now. I'm not going to stress too much about editing out content that only makes sense in the context of my other blog, but I'll try not to confuse you too much

The other Friday I got to visit Australia's only Nuclear Reactor )

Oh, one more thing

I can confirm the whole I have whooping cough thing now. Joy. I'm on antibiotics that need to be taken every six hours without fail, and I usually sleep for eight hours... *sighs* Oh, and now, after a month, my mum has decided not to let me use the family phone anymore.


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